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Mens. Womens. Girls. Boys. Babies. Anything & everything imaginable can be crafted at our facility. We have full control over this in-house process. From cutting to delivery, everything is done in-house.

Naeem Enterprise has been in business for Made-up Apparels since past two decades and specializes in the best material for at-the-ready clothes in addition to their finishes, washes, embroidery, appliqué, rhinestones’ work, screen-printing and heat transfers.


Vintage Wah


Vintage means old look. To get the old or used appearance garments are washed inside washing machine with enzymes. Fleece sweatshirt is washed with heavy enzyme.



Cloud Wah


Cloud wash gives appearance of white patches on the garment surface that looks like cloud in the sky.


Stone Wah


To get faded look on the garment surface white stone are used with enzymes during washing. During washing fabric come in contact with stones and by rubbing color fades. Stone wash generally used for denim product washing.


Acid Wah


For acid wash, base color of the garment taken out by spraying acid on the specified areas.




Some of our very in-demand fabric is the embodied ones which come in vibrant colors and unique designs to please all our customers. We also take custom orders, for all your heart’s wishes and we guarantee its quality and flair.





With our Made-up apparel, we also provide applique services on our fabric. A few samples of which are on our website. Moreover, any custom made designs can also be sent to us for processing and we will make sure you get what you want.




With embroidery work, we also focus on embedded jewel work like rhinestones, which give a unique look to the fabric and always pleases the customer’s eyes. Beauty and elegance is guaranteed.


Screen Printing


Digital Printing and Screen Printing are now known as tricks of the trade and are the trends of all seasons nowadays. On all fabrics, we offer these services with our wide width digital and screen-printing machines.


Heat Transfers


Where needed, we also provide Heat transfers for localized designs or smaller designs where this less need of printing. This makes designing more economical and longer lasting.

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